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Why Hire Us?

At Lets Get Moving, we specialize in moving and packing services for customers in Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, and Scarborough.
You could do DIY moving, but there are several reasons why would-be DIYers come to us. Hire professional movers instead of doing all work by yourself!


Hiring us for moving gives you convenience in that you do not have to find a truck, load your things, and offload them. It ensures you do not have to call your friends, colleagues, or relatives to help you move.

Many people underestimate the amount of work that goes into packing. This is usually a quarter of the moving job. At LetsGetMoving, we do everything from packing, organizing, disassembling, reassembling, and unpacking. Most DIY-ers take days packing and hiring us ensures your schedule is not interfered with.

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The right Equipment and Vehicles

We have the right equipment for the job. This includes large ramps, hoisting straps, appliance dollies, the right vehicles, lifts, and many more.

We have covered vehicles, meaning you can move under any weather condition. Our trucks come in different sizes, meaning you do not have to make multiple trips.


Anything can happen while moving. Hiring us is the safer bet because our team has the right equipment as well as the training and experience necessary to do a good job. Our vehicles are cushioned for extra security and safety.

We will insure your belongings should anything happen while we are moving them. Without these tools, you will do heavy lifting and this could be bad for your health.

Why Hire Us?

Despite popular belief, you actually save money when you hire a professional for the job.

With us, you do not have to lease moving equipment as well as buy such supplies as cardboard boxes, tools, and bubble wrap.

Better Planning

Planning is an important component of every move. When you hire us, you will be in the right state of mind to plan ahead, thereby reducing the risk of forgetting some things.

With LetsGetMoving, you will have peace of mind knowing a professional is handling the job.


The experience of our team means everything will be properly labelled, meaning quicker turnaround time (packing and unpacking).

Your friends, colleagues, or relatives that you may engage will not have a proper packing system, meaning you will spend more time packing and unpacking.

Moving Tips

We will give you moving tips that will ensure your move is smooth and that will minimize breakage.

We understand that some things are irreplaceable.

Storage Facilities

Some of our customers do not move into their new homes immediately after moving.

We have storage facilities for such customers.

Local know-how

We serve different areas in Canada. We will help you do local area checks, which ensures your belongings are safely transported.

You do not have to make visits to cities you do not know, further bringing down your costs.

Avoid the temptation of hiring a cheap moving service!

A cheap service will shove belongings into your vehicle, reuse old boxes, lie about their liability coverage, hire inexperienced movers, and use vehicles that are either too big or too small.


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Now that you are convinced or almost convinced you want to hire movers instead of doing the job yourself, let us offer you some final piece of information.

Let’s Get Moving has a transparent, surprise-free process that implies a fixed hourly rate, calculated when you book a move. Everything from the gas to the kilometres travelled and from the stairclimbing to the insurance is covered by this rate. To make it 100% fair, we start charging the moment our crew leaves the LGM headquarters until they get back.

You will soon notice our movers are not only highly skilled and super fast, but also very respectful. All your furniture will be ensured careful wrapping and safe stowing in the truck. Your floors will be protected before our movers start doing anything else, as well.

Once the loaded truck arrives at your new home, everything will be unloaded and go where you say. No need to bother moving everything around the house later, just tell us where and how to put everything! In case you need some pieces to be reassembled, let us know! If you realise something doesn’t fit the house or doesn’t go with the rest, we can offer you climate-controlled and secured storage for as long as you need.

Never move by yourself when professionals are available at affordable hourly rates! You might save money, but the stress is not worth it!
Book with Let’s Get Moving! Our operators are available 24/7 for bookings and for offering you more information. Contact us now!



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