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For all supplies and labour implied by your Etobicoke residential or commercial move, we only charge one thing: time. More specifically, the time it takes our crew to gets from our office to your home and back to our office. You can rest assured they are always efficient with the time they have and they never purposely slow down the processes. At Let’s Get Moving, we created a team that consists exclusively of fast, efficient, and professional movers.

We also never charge for the gas, truck, tools and supplies, or insurance in case of damage. Everything is included in our price which you pay per hour. We charge 15-minute timeslots in the final hour, to make sure we are honest and fair to our customers.

The moving supplies we use are all high quality. We would never go as low as to use poor quality moving blankets, ramps, tape, or floor runners. Our aim is to keep your items safe and integer during the move, and we do everything that stands in our power for that – and that starts with quality supplies. Once we arrive at your home on the scheduled day, we start loading the heavier items in the truck first, after we finish wrapping them. When they are all safely stacked inside the truck, off we go to your new home in Etobicoke! We unload every single item with the same care we loaded them and we put everything where you indicate. You can change your mind while we are there and we will gladly reposition them. We can also put back together with the furniture you dissembled.

Let’s Get Moving offers special hourly rates on weekdays, every month from 6 to 24, so call now and get your free estimate!


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