5 things to do in King City

5 things to do in King City

What can you do in King City? You can live peacefully, in a small and caring community. Okay, you actually have a lot more specific things to choose from. Here is a short list of 5 things to do in King City.

Visit the Marylake Augustinian Monastery

The monastery is a perfect place to go for the mass, but a really nice place to visit even if you are not religious. With a futuristic architecture and large green spaces around, it is the ideal choice for a meditation space or just for escaping the crowded places and listening to your own thoughts.

Go to the museum

The King Township Museum is not a very common type of museum for such a small community! It is a sample of history, culture and arts, definitely a must-see if you live in King City or in the region. Learn more about the King Township, about York and about Canada in general with a quick visit to the museum.

Move to King City

Delight yourself at the orchards

King City is pretty much a village, right? So, obviously, it has its own orchards and farms. Many of them are open for visitors, and you can even enjoy some home-produced fruits, vegetables and drinks. Make sure to check them all, they are quite different from one another!

Connect with nature

King City has the Thornton Bales Conservation Area, which is a great place to lose yourself in! You will not literally get lost, but you catch our point. Tall trees, dense woods, still waters and a lot of green wait for you there. The place is pet friendly and you can enjoy it together with your whole family!

Attend the festivals

King City has a lot of festivals going on during the year. From Carrot Festival to Christmas markets, you can find them all here. Meet with the locals and enjoy the company of some tourists, while listening to good live music performances and tasting the locally produced foods and drinks. Then remember to attend the events next year, too.

King City is a quiet and peaceful community in the King Township, with plenty of nature and peace around! Having about enough places to go to on free weekends and afternoons (infinitely more than 5 things to do in King City, for sure), this is a great place to live in. The geographic positioning helps and the costs of life are very low here. ? How about a free estimate while you take the time to think about it?

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