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1.Our movers have seen it all

Whether we talk about small residential moves or large-scale office moves, we’ve seen it all. Our Toronto movers have the experience and expertise to make your transition a seamless one. We understand that no two moves are alike, which is why we treat each move with the individualised attention it deserves. We have vast experience with all types of moves from art galleries and libraries to Hollywood movie equipment. Narrow staircases, hoisting items over balcony’s or moving a grand piano, is never a challenge for us. You can rest assured we’ve seen and worked with all kinds of delicate items and they are well protected with us.

2.We respect people and their homes

Our respect is visible in all aspects and stages of your move. From our kind agents all the way to the movers who will protect your home and belongings, our motto is to be respectful and as helpful as possible. Anything to make sure you have a pleasant experience and continue your relationship with Let’s Get Moving.

3.We are extra careful with your belongings

We treat your belongings with the same care as we would treat our own. The very first thing we do after you welcome us into your home is to cover your floors. We completely wrap your furniture with the thickest quilted moving blankets in the industry, so nothing gets scratched while being loaded or unloaded or during the travel. We also offer extra protection options for TV’s and mattresses.

4.Our company is a one-stop-shop

We know how difficult and time consuming it is to look for packers, movers, storage and moving supplies. This is why we offer you everything under one roof. From wrapping paper to boxes and from mattress bags to TV bags, you can get everything directly from our moving company. No need to spend hours driving from one store to another in search of the best moving supplies. Everything you need for packing before moving is right here, one phone call away.

5.Our prices are affordable

Our prices are transparent and fair. Part of respecting you is also respecting your budget. We have absolutely zero hidden costs. You can know from the very beginning how much we will charge for our moving, packing, and storage services. Besides, you will probably soon realize we are among the most affordable Toronto moving companies. All this without the tiniest compromise on quality.

Our customers have a great impact on this, which is why we are thankful to them too. Our customers happiness after a successful move is the biggest award of them all.

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