Moving during holidays – conclusions

Moving during holidays – conclusions

During the past weeks, we presented you a script that is, more or less, reliable to many. Someones decides to move, they are excited about it, they rush the whole process, they decide to do everything themselves, from packing to actually moving, and they end up actually losing more than winning. Keep reading to find out the conclusions of our story about moving during holidays. 

Let us highlight everything Jacob lost while moving, keeping in mind that this does apply to everyone who decides to move by themselves:

  • TIME: he packed everything by himself before moving, even though he had very limited time to do so, and he lost a lot of time shopping for tape, boxes, wrapping paper, etc.; moving by yourself is more time consuming, since you are not THAT used to it and do not have the speed of a professional mover;
  • MONEY: he had to spend quite some money on the boxes, tape, wrapping paper, etc., as well as on the gas for the round trip of his friend;
  • HEALTH: untrained people who engage in moving processes are really putting themselves in danger with all the heavy lifting involved; his back sure didn’t appreciate this;
  • PEACE OF MIND: moving is stressful by default; professional movers can make it waaaay less stressful, but otherwise, if you do it by yourself, mental breakdowns are just one box lifting away;
  • FRIENDSHIPS: if this happens more than one time, your friends will not really appreciate you using them as movers, and free beers will not wash away this.

It might seem like you are saving money by not hiring a professional moving company for helping you move, but if you take a step back and see the bigger picture, you end up loosing a lot. And not only money.

Make the smart choice and call your moving company now!
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