Thinking of moving to Aurora?

Thinking of moving to Aurora?

As you drive up North from Toronto, in the central York region there is a small and quiet town called Aurora, just waiting to be discovered. Have you and your beloved ones been thinking of moving to Aurora? Start looking for a home, because this is a great idea.

Lots to choose from

Remember that Aurora was also the name of the Sleeping Beauty? Funny name coincidence. The Aurora from Ontario is also quiet and might often seem to be sleeping. Do not let yourself be fooled by this! The town is a great place to move to together with your family. You get the best of both worlds: you are close to Toronto, while at the same time enjoying a less hectic environment.

Should you want to spend the free time in diverse ways, Aurora offers you this possibility. With a population of under 60,000, the town still has plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs and parks for you to choose from. You can rest assured that boredom will not become part of your life once you move to Aurora!

As more and more people are moving from Toronto to the smaller towns, a large percentage of the population of Aurora consists of young families. After all, the town is great for raising a family! The school system works perfectly, with numerous elite private and public schools to choose from. There are parks and gardens and greenways for the weekend and afternoon activities. Not to mention how safe it will feel to know your kids are in this quiet and friendly environment, surrounded by nice people!

Moving Downtown Aurora Ontario

Everything is close to you

Since the town is relatively small, most places are a walking distance away from you. Thinking of moving to Aurora anytime soon, but you don’t drive a car? No worries, Toronto is just a train ride away. To the local places you can either cycle or walk, if you don’t have a car.

You can find there a large variety of affordable, even cheap houses to choose from. Many of them have spacious yards to relax and play in. You can decide upon whichever house partitioning and size works better for you, keeping in mind that many are new and offer full comfort.

And while you and your real estate agent look for a nice house, we will get you a free estimate for your move! Here is a link you can use for booking a move with a few clicks. We are right here, Let’s Get Moving to Aurora!

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