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Thinking of moving to Guelph?

Thinking of moving to Guelph?

“The Royal City” of Guelph is one of the most appreciated and renowned cities in Ontario. An energetic, vibrant community of over 130,000 resides 100 kilometres from Toronto, in the heart of Southern Ontario. Are you and your family thinking of moving to Guelph? Sounds like a good plan to us!

A quick Google search might lead you to the wrong Guelph, for England also has one. Not sure about how amazing their Guelph is, but the one in Ontario is just wow!

The city is not that big and nor is its population. However, Guelph is a lively city in a continuous growth and development. Its cultural life, as well as the entertaining sector, the education system, the health system, and the real estate are some of the most appreciated in the country.

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The costs of living in Guelph are considerably more reduced than the costs of living in Toronto. This is a good thing to be mindful of if you decide to move to Guelph. Another thing to keep in mind is that the costs of living in Guelph are about 7% higher than in most Canadian cities. To balance things, the city offers countless job opportunities in all possible fields – and they are mostly well paid. And keep in mind that Guelph has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada.

As for the housing in Guelph, they have everything here, from Victorian houses to minimalist condos. Prices differ from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, but the offers seem to be infinite both for buying and renting.

The city is highly multicultural and you will get a strong community feeling once you move to Guelph. However, the city is also very safe and it has an absolutely vibrant nightlife and downtown life. Whatever your age and preferences, this is a place you will most likely fall in love to the moment you step foot here. Oh, by the way, Guelph has been ranked one of the top places in Canada to raise a family!

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