Thinking of moving to Keswick?

Thinking of moving to Keswick?

Keswick is part of the town of Georgina, located in the Regional Municipality of York. It is located North from Toronto, on Lake Simcoe, and it is a nice, cozy place to live in at any age. Has anyone suggested you to start thinking of moving to Keswick? You should mind them, because that is indeed a good idea. Keep reading to learn more.

Originally known as Medina, Keswick was initially part of the Municipality of North Gwillimbury. The area used to be considered a cottage country for Toronto residents. Nowadays, Keswick moved all the way up to being a community of little over 26,000, part of the Municipality of Georgina.

Affordable housing options

In most aspects, Keswick has all the features of Georgina. In others, however, there is a bit of a difference. A bit of an advantage, to be more specific. Here is why.

First of all, the available housing is very much affordable. Whether you want to buy or rent, you will soon discover that Keswick has the best prices out there. Second, the feeling of community is stronger. If you wish to have a closer connection to your neighbours, peers and anyone around you, Keswick is the place. Again, it only has 26,000 inhabitants.

Don’t believe us. Check the internet for countless stories about how welcoming the community is! Many people relocating in Keswick from Toronto or other bigger places were surprised by how they were received by their neighbours. From a friendly ”Welcome, neighbour!” to baked pies brought to the door of the newest members of the neighborhood, this place is just amazing.

Best moving company in Keswick

If you are in the search for a safe, welcoming environment, where no one judges you and you can enjoy the simple life, this is it. Keswick is one of the nicest, coziest places in the York area. And for whenever you need something more dynamic, you can just move a bit closer to the core of Georgina, where there is plenty to do.


Keswick is waiting for you, you should be thinking of moving there immediately. We are here to help! 

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