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Thinking of moving to Markham?

Thinking of moving to Markham?

One of the largest cities in the Greater Toronto Area and the largest in the York Region, Markham is one of the most popular suburbs in the area. Are you by any chance thinking of moving to Markham? This might interest you, so go on and read the whole article.

With a population of approximately 330,000 out of which a good two thirds are minorities, Markham is a very multicultural environment. At the same time, it is very safe, cheaper than Toronto, and positioned perfectly for all possible needs.

Markham downtown movers

Listed as a town until 2012, Markham continued growing over the years, now being quite a large community. At the same time, it remained relatively relaxed and very safe, being a great choice when it comes to raising a family. Markham’s neighbourhoods have different specifics and the city really satisfy all needs.

Classy and welcoming

Old neighbourhoods have vintage building, classy restaurants and chic cafes, and newer neighbourhoods have modern-looking buildings, shops and malls. Of course, schools and daycares are spread everywhere among these, being available all around the city. They are mostly very good schools, whether we are talking about the public or the private ones. Besides, education is provided at every corner, for people of all ages, by the numerous museums and historical places. The health system is very up-to-date, with several new hospitals and others newly restored and endowed.

Markham also has a lot of recreational areas and community, both indoor and outdoor, that locals and tourists can enjoy and relax in. The municipality seems to be encouraging people to socialise by having these really cozy spaces. Also, the outdoor areas are so well preserved and taken care of, they sort of convince you to spend as much time as possible outside.

We don’t even need to know your age and social profile. With the diversity it offers, Markham is definitely a great place for you, as well. And moving companies such as Canada’s favourite movers, Let’s Get Moving, are ready to help you move immediately. Call us now!

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