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Thinking of moving to Pickering?

Thinking of moving to Pickering?

A very picturesque city on the Northern shore of Lake Ontario, Pickering is a relatively small community offering the perks of a large city. Is moving to Pickering something you keep thinking about? Then this is for you, so keep reading.

Prosperous and welcoming

A city about which the online community has all the jokes in the world, Pickering is actually really nice living in. And don’t believe them when they say it’s small and it doesn’t show on the map. Or that it’s the same as Ajax. 92,000 inhabitants is quite a number, actually, and this Pickering also offers a lot of good jobs, houses and schools. The city offers anything you need, to be honest, and all there is in Toronto is also here, even if at a lower scale.

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It is true, a lot of people transit to Toronto for their jobs. This does not, however, mean that there aren’t any in Pickering! The city provides numerous employment opportunities within public and private companies. The nuclear power plant is the largest single employer in the city, but Pickering sums up way more than the ones it provides, reaching up to around 35,000 jobs.

Good education for all ages

As for the education, the city doesn’t disappoint either. Four big schools networks have opened move than 20 schools around Pickering, and add to these some smaller schools to get the bigger picture. If you want good education for your children, Pickering allows you to choose perfect institutions for this. There is also a rich cultural scene that provides events and other activities on a frequent basis.

The naturescape is amazing in Pickering. Many of the leisure activities available here are proudly provided by the nature itself. The lake, the parks, the fields, the gardens are all places where you can go to relax, to exercise, or just to take a walk after a long day of work. Even some of the houses in the city are on the lake shore, and you find they have quite good prices. By the way, the city offers a lot of competitive real estate prices compared to Toronto. In the near future, you will thank yourself for now thinking about moving to Pickering.

Pickering will offer you a great time. Once you make the best decision and look for a place to move to in Pickering, let us know. Our crews of professional movers will be happy to relieve you of all the stress by not letting you move a finger during the process!

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