Thinking of moving to Thornhill?

Thinking of moving to Thornhill?

Around the Northern border of Toronto, you can find Thornhill, a suburban district split between Vaughan and Markham. With a population of around 112,000, Thornhill is a small and peaceful place, ideal for families and people who seek a more relaxed environment. Started thinking of moving to Thornhill? Sounds like a great idea to us.

Living in Thornhill has a lot of advantages compared to living in its bigger neighbour Toronto. First of all, Thornhill has lower costs of living. Rents and real estate are also cheaper than in Toronto. At the same time, Toronto is just 26 kilometres away. Whatever still holds you attached to the big city, you don’t have to give it up. Just hop in the car or bus every time you want to go to Toronto.

If you are commuting for work or school to Toronto every morning, you will not lose too much time in traffic. The distance between Thornhill and Toronto is very short, and the public transport is reliable. But you don’t necessarily need to go to the big city. Thornhill has a lot of jobs to offer. Besides, its continuous growth and expansion comes together with a lot of employment opportunities. The place also has good schools to choose from, from primary to post-secondary.

Thornhill new buildings

Speaking of how life with kids is going in Thornhill, the district is very safe and also child-friendly. If you are raising a family here, your kids will never what boredom is! Amusement parks, playgrounds, a water park and a few good natural parks will offer continuous fun to your children.

If the place ever feels too small for you, you can always easily travel to pretty much anywhere from here. Toronto and Vaughan are close to you and they are these giant clusters of fun, so take advantage of this! But at the end of the day, when you want to relax and enjoy a walk on some peaceful streets, Thornhill is the best place to call home.

And when you finish thinking of moving to Thornhill and decide to call it home, get in touch with Let’s Get Moving for a free estimate for your move. We will reduce all the stress in no time. Book an appointment and enjoy the smooth sailing.


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