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Thinking of moving to Whitby?

Thinking of moving to Whitby?

In the beautiful Durham region, righ East of Ajax and little West of Oshawa, you can find the lovely and peaceful town of Whitby, with a population of approx. 130,000. Thinking of moving to Whitby soon? This article is for you. Go on, keep reading!

Back in 2014, Whitby was ranked one of the best places in Canada to live. You read that right, in Canada. For such a small town, that’s quite a statement! Definitely one that the Municipality of Whitby is proud of. Speaking of the municipality, they are quite active when it comes to improving the town. Since 1990, Whitby has been continuously developed, now having very modern infrastructure, services and amenities.

While the town is easy to reach from Toronto and you can commute everyday for work and school, you do find good jobs and good schools in Whitby, as well. The town in very safe, as well.

Whitby downtown aerial shot

As for the prices they have in Whitby, they are incredibly smaller than in Toronto. This goes for the overall costs of living, but also for the real estate market. If you wish to invest in a house or an apartment, it will be easier and more affordable if you choose Whitby instead of Toronto. The living conditions are very good, so you will not compromise on that for sure. However, if you are a bit more into a relaxed environment, Whitby is the best choice.

In case you are afraid there will not be much for you to do in Whitby, think twice. The town offers so many activities to do and it will never let you get bored! If you haven’t yet, you should really start thinking of moving to Whitby.

After you find a nice place there, you can get back to us for booking a move. Canada’s favourite movers has only highly professional movers and operates and super affordable rates. Let’s Get Moving to Whitby!

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