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Knock, knock!

Hi, we’re your movers from Let’s Get Moving! Are you ready? You don’t have to, but we are super ready and the truck is right out front! When we knock on your door on your moving day, we are fully prepared and have all necessary equipment for offering you a quick, efficient, stress-free move!

Once we come in, we will first put down a special fabric for protecting the floors. Then we will cover and wrap the furniture properly and take it to the truck. Smaller items such as boxes and bags are put above heavy ones. All go in a logical order that ensures damage protection. No matter how far your new home is, we will drive there carefully and, once we arrive, we will unload everything inside. You already know where the furniture will be put? Tell us and we will be happy to place every item in the desired place, so you won’t have to worry with this later. Need to assemble back the dining table or the mirror wardrobe? We will do that for you, just ask us!

Of course, everything is included in the price. All the workmanship, the truck, the insurance that covers potential damage, all is part of our hourly rates. Even the two large wardrobe boxes we bring to help move clothes easier. We bill the interval that passes from when movers leave our headquarters until they return. We bill 15 minutes increments, to be more exact and to offer you a fair deal.

So, what are you still waiting for? Call now to inquire and we will gladly offer you a free estimate!

Best Movers in Guelph

Planning a move in or out of Guelph?

Let’s Get Moving has you covered. There are many things to worry about during a relocation. From how you’ll carry all your belongings to the truck to the packing process and disassembly of delicate furniture. Luckily, you have reliable moving company in Guelph ready to take all your worries away. We offer a wide range of services from packing to unpacking, loading and unloading, furniture assembly services and so much more. With our skill and experience, be assured that your items are safe with us.

Planning a move in or out of Guelph?

Relocating to a new home or business can have its challenges. At Let’s Get Moving, we help individuals and businesses relocating in or around Guelph. Whatever the distance, we will be happy to provide an on-time and quality service. Our crews have massive experience handling long distance relocations.

With distance come unexpected challenges that only an experienced moving company in Guelph can handle. We know all the risks involved when the distance covered is longer and hence we’ll make appropriate plans to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll give you the best team depending on the type of move you’re planning.

Quality local movers

If you’re moving just a few blocks away or right across the street, we can come in and make the experience a lot easier. We know that short distance relocations can also be a hassle because they still involve the packing, loading, disassembly and arrangement of items.

Our team is happy to be with you the whole way. We have friendly crews who will arrive at your home or place of business on-time ready to pick the items, pack them and ensure they safely get to the desired destination.

There’s simply no relocation task that is too hard for us to handle. We live and work in Guelph so we understand the challenges of a local move really well. Let’s Get Moving offers local movers ready to take on the next challenge.

Office and commercial relocation

Are you planning to change your office location or business premise? We’ll take you there. Let’s Get Moving has worked with numerous businesses to fulfill a diverse range of relocation needs.

From helping the small startup to working with a fully-fledged business, our role has been to help minimize downtime and make relocations as efficient as possible for business owners. While corporate relocations may appear like a complex project, we make everything simple and effective by coming up with a suitable move plan.

You’ll partner with professionals who share your vision, which is to keep your business going regardless of the relocation process.

Our promise

At Let’s Get Moving, we strive to provide a world-class service at an affordable price. We make every effort to fulfill the customers’ unique requirements. When you partner with our relocation experts expect:

Fully licensed and insured movers and operators

Timely delivery

Comprehensive relocation services- find everything under one roof

Caring, professional and friendly staff

Satisfaction guaranteed

Call us today for a safe, effective and quality relocation service.



With years of experience moving happy customers into and out of the Greater Toronto Area, Let’s Get Moving is your first and best choice when it comes to moving in and around the city of Toronto.

While we are aware of the importance of advertising, we strongly believe the topmost efficient advertising is word of mouth. Our goal is to convert one-time customers into lifetime customers. For this, we never use any marketing shenanigans whatsoever. We just do our jobs the best way we can and, in almost all cases, this is a guarantee of customer satisfaction. It is always a great pleasure to see that our customers recommend new customers. This way, we developed a solid client base that is undergoing continuous growth.

What we say about us is nothing compared to what others have to say. So don’t believe us, but see what the people who benefited from our services have to say. Whether you prefer Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Google, or any other platform, you can get an idea about how we work by checking our customers’ testimonials.

Here is a small sample of them:

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