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We are a fully professional moving company in Toronto and the Greater-Toronto-Area staffed with experienced and respectful movers. We include strong movers, moving truck, and insurance for all your belongings and property.

Our weekday discounted rate is $109 per hour and includes everything you need for a successful move! This discounted rate is valid for weekday moves from the 4th-26th of each month. That is a great rate for full service moving with 2 expert movers including any size moving truck. If an additional mover is needed, it is just an extra $50 per hour. The moving time starts when the movers leave the office and your job is complete when we arrive back to the office from your final location. Weekend moves and moves outside of those dates is $119 per hour. You never have to worry about exorbitant extra fees. We don’t charge extra for gas or stairs. We only charge by every 15-minute increments to be as fair as possible.

Our reservation system is very secure, no one can book over your move. Click the button below to book now!!!

Moving to Richmond Hill

When you are moving to Richmond Hill, you’re going to want the best guidance and service you can get when it comes to hiring a moving company.

Experience and professionalism go a long way when it comes to being a pro in the moving business, and this is exactly what you’ll be getting when you choose Let’s Get Moving for your move to or from Richmond Hill.

Our moving day process is easy, efficient and fast meaning you’ll be getting the absolute best value for your money.

Moving can be a taxing process. We know how relocating to a new home or business can put a strain on your pockets. We’re here to give you a different kind of experience during your next relocation.
Let’s Get Moving agents will offer you all the support and assistance you need when planning a move. This life-changing event should not drain all your resources or cause a significant amount of stress. Our team is here to handle the concerns and especially offer the guidance and support you need. We will make the relocation as simple and hassle-free as possible.

How It works

Right from the start, we will take all the necessary steps to identify your needs. Once we understand your goals for the move, we are in a better position to come up with solutions that exceed your expectations. Our movers will provide you with the most effective and efficient service in the industry.
We have vetted and trained crews who know how to offer a friendly and courteous service. Here at Let’s Get Moving, our commitment is always to provide the kind of quality service that keeps customers coming back or one that will earn your recommendation.

We offer unbeatable prices

Partner with a team of movers in Richmond Hill who are interested in giving you a great service at an affordable rate. We know that every client has unique relocation needs, which is why we work with you to develop a relocation plan that fits your budget and needs.

Simply tell us what requirements are and we promise to work out a plan that fulfills your needs. We’ll strive to find an option that will simplify your move and something that you can readily afford. We will be happy to work out a suitable plan for you.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

Choosing a reputable moving company in Richmond Hill offers you peace of mind that all your requirements will be met. When you choose Let’s Get Moving experts, you are choosing quality and a high level of professionalism. Not only do we take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction but also strive to remain on top of the game and use industry best practices when providing relocation services.

In the homes and businesses that we’ve been hired to relocate, we have left a trail of happy customers who refer us to their friends and family. You can reach out to us whether you simply need some information regarding your move or to request for a consult with an agent.

Pre-Moving Day

We don’t just help out on moving day, we can also help you get ready for moving with professional and convenient packing services! One of the most stressful and tedious parts of any move is packing all of your belongings into countless boxes and trying to keep track of all of those boxes.

Oftentimes, things get misplaced, or packing in a hurry leads to fragile items being broken. At Let’s Get Moving, we can help with all of your packing needs and we promise to do so professionally and carefully!

Our professional packers will get to work packing your belongings at a time that is convenient for you, meaning you can relax and focus on other more important things. We take care to ensure your belongings are packed just the way you want them, and we always take extra care to handle delicate and fragile items with care.

Moving Day in Richmond Hill

When the big day finally arrives, Let’s Get Moving will be ready for action! Our highly-experienced movers will arrive at your home in Richmond Hill on time and explain to you how the day is going to go, then they’ll get to work. We handle all kinds of furniture and appliances, so you don’t have to worry about moving any of these things yourself. Our moving trucks are always clean, tidy, and in great working order, which means your belongings are always in a safe space all throughout moving day. Once the truck is loaded up, it’s time to get moving! Our movers know Richmond Hill well and are experts at getting around, so you can be sure they will arrive at your new home on time. Once there, our movers will get to work unloading the truck and placing furniture, appliances, and the rest of your possessions into their appropriate rooms. You don’t need to worry about rearranging any rooms when you have Let’s Get Moving doing it for you!

While all of this is happening, there will always be someone happy to answer any questions you may have. At Let’s Get Moving, we listen to our customers and believe that open communication makes things easier for everyone.


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Yelp Award 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020

Fully Licensed and Insured Plus WSIB

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As reliable Toronto City Movers, we aim to achieve above your expectations, creating an unforgettable and stress-free experience. We do care for both your precious belongings and you, and want to create new friendships which will last longer than our perishable smiles. We are honest and our goal overall is to change the moving world.

Perfect Timing

Communication and timing is very important to us – we will book your move with you and confirm it to make sure we are on the same track.

No Hidden Cost

Other than providing you with a great deal, we guarantee there is no hidden fees or extra charges.

Our Clients Love Us

We are constantly trying to deliver the best customer service, and consistently receiving the best reviews from our customers.

Free of Error

As best movers in Toronto, we have a motto of offering a moving service free of error since our qualified and trained movers do understand the real value of things.


With years of experience moving happy customers into and out of the Greater Toronto Area, Let’s Get Moving is your first and best choice when it comes to moving in and around the city of Toronto.