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Decided to move to or out of Canada’s biggest and busiest city

Looking for friendly and professional movers in Toronto? We’ve got you. Let’s Get Moving strives to deliver not only the greatest value but to give you a service that makes a big difference in this life-changing event. We know how relocations can significantly impact on your home or business. Your kids may have to find new friends or get used to another neighborhood. If you’re relocating a business, employees also need time to adjust to the new premise and this may affect their productivity. With all these concerns in mind, you need to partner with experts who will make the relocation process as seamless as possible.

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What we offer at Let’s Get Moving

When you choose Let’s Get Moving agents, be rest assured of a professional, friendly and coordinated move. All our crews and operators are trained on how to treat customers with respect while on the job and consider every item you own as precious. We look at your belongings with the same value that you do. This is why we always handle your items with utmost care making sure each is carefully packed and loaded to the moving truck for safe transportation to your new location. We’re sure if there’s one thing you’ll remember us for it’s our attention to detail. If it’s your first time working with us, we welcome you to request for referrals so you can have peace of mind after speaking to our happy clients. We look forward to making the relocation process hassle-free.

Our Moving Process

When you are moving to or out of Toronto, you can expect Let’s Get Moving to be professional and on time during every step of the moving process. Our movers always aim to arrive at your home on time, and once there will take the time to explain to you how the process is going to work.

Once you are clear on the day’s schedule, you can relax while our movers get to work loading the truck with all of your possessions. Too often, moving companies purposely take their time completing a job in order to extend their hours and charge more for their surfaces.

Once the truck is loaded up and ready to go, it’s time to get moving! Our movers know the city of Toronto in every way, meaning they will always be on time when picking your stuff up and dropping it off. After arriving, they will get to work unloading the truck. Handling your furniture, appliances and personal belongings is a breeze for our professional movers, so you can be confident they will always be in capable hands.

Our movers will always stick around to help you get everything where it belongs, and they will never leave everything on your front lawn and drive off.  This will make the task of setting up your new home a lot easier for you and your family. Our movers are always happy to listen to your requests so that you can save yourself the hassle of rearranging things later on.

Once our Toronto movers are finished moving your stuff into their proper spots, they will be happy to stick around and answer any final questions you may have. Let’s Get Moving values customer satisfaction, so if you have any concerns or complaints our movers will always be happy to listen.

Our Moving Process

Our experienced packers aim to provide the best packing service available in Toronto. They promise to pay special attention in terms of what goes where, so you can be sure nothing is going to go missing or be misplaced during the packing and moving processes.  When you combine Let’s Get Moving’s packing and moving services in Toronto, you are choosing the best service possible at an affordable price.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Award Winning Moving Company

At Let’s Get Moving, we do more than just help you move your stuff from house to house. Besides our professional moving services, we also offer helpful professional packing services, making moving to or out of Toronto an even easier experience for you and your family.

Trust the experts at Let’s Get Moving to make your moving day easy and stress-free. Call Let’s Get Moving today to set up an easy and hassle-free moving day for you and your family!

Let’s Get Moving

Local Relocation Experts

Relocations to or from Toronto can have its challenges. We live and work in Toronto and that’s part of the reason why many people trust us to handle each and every aspect of their relocation.

We’ve helped Toronto homes and businesses enjoy a comfortable experience relocating by offering our diverse services. From packing your items to loading, unloading and unpacking them upon arrival, our agents will do it all.

Let’s Get Moving strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in every service delivered.

What you get

When you hire our local moving company in Toronto, you choose more than just a relocation service. We give you an unforgettable experience and you’ll be happy to recommend us to anyone you know. Let’s Get Moving guarantees:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Low prices
  • Skilled and qualified crews
  • Friendly and responsive staff
  • Best supplies and equipment to offer a safe relocation

We have grown to become Toronto’s favorite moving company due to the great service we offer every client. Our goal is and has always been to ensure every customer is satisfied with our relocation service.

We offer a number of services at reasonable prices including commercial and office relocations as well as packing services. With every service, we’ll always be ready to tailor it to suit your personal needs. What more can you ask for? If it’s reliable movers you’re after, you never have to look further. Let’s Get Moving has all your needs covered.


We are a fully professional moving company in Toronto and the Greater-Toronto-Area staffed with experienced and respectful movers. We include strong movers, moving truck, and insurance for all your belongings and property.

Our weekday discounted rate is $109 per hour and includes everything you need for a successful move! This discounted rate is valid for weekday moves from the 4th-26th of each month. That is a great rate for full service moving with 2 expert movers including any size moving truck. If an additional mover is needed, it is just an extra $50 per hour. The moving time starts when the movers leave the office and your job is complete when we arrive back to the office from your final location. Weekend moves and moves outside of those dates is $119 per hour. You never have to worry about exorbitant extra fees. We don’t charge extra for gas or stairs. We only charge by every 15-minute increments to be as fair as possible.

Our reservation system is very secure, no one can book over your move. Click the button below to book now!!!