Save friendships and money while moving!

Save friendships and money while moving!

There are tough choices and there is the choice you have to make between moving with the help of a specialized moving company and moving with the help of friends. Many times, especially while you are on a budget, you are tempted to choose the latter. However, as unbelievable as it may be, that choice usually ends up costing you way more than a move should.

Intriguing, huh? How is this even possible? Keep reading and we will explain everything.

Friends don’t charge, but moving with them does cost

A close friend or a relative will most likely not charge you for helping you move, but rather do it will all their love, for free. However, they are spending time, energy and resources in the process. Maybe they took a day off from work or maybe they had to sacrifice a Sunday they would have otherwise spent relaxing. You will contribute with your own time, energy and resources. Don’t even bother counting the time spent watching tutorials on how to pack efficiently!

Do you have moving supplies at home?  

Since you decided to take the issue in your own hands, you will also need to pack properly, by yourself. What are the chances of you having enough boxes, tape, bags, TV blankets, furniture blankets and other moving supplies? What are the chances of having any of them in the house? Well, there go some extra money for shopping all these and there goes some more of your precious time at the supply store.

They call them professionals for a reason

No matter how much of a moving / packing expert you are, you are not a professional mover. Unless you had a similar job yourself, you cannot hope to compete with movers who are specially trained and who do this all day. They have an unimaginable speed when it comes to packing stuff, loading and unloading trucks, and climbing up and down the stairs carrying heavy boxes and furniture. How often do you and your friend train by carrying a heavy couch up and down three floors? Let’s not even think of all the accidents that may occur in the process!

Does moving with friends still sound like a good idea? This habit is rather popular in Europe, due to the fact that there is a reaaal shortage of moving companies in most European countries. But this is Canada and, luckily, we don’t have this problem here. There are plenty of Canada moving companies to choose from, and booking with them actually ends up costing less than moving with the help of friends, if you consider money spent on gas and supplies, not to count the energy and LOADS of TIME you would spent if you did it unprofessionally.

When it comes to moving, always book with a professional moving company! Save friendships and money while moving! There will be no regrets, promise!  

Let’s Get Moving is here for you, 24/7! Give us a call now and get a free estimate for your move!  

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