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Toronto has plenty of moving companies, so you have to choose wisely. Let’s Get Moving is a professional moving company that also offers affordable prices for its services. Here is what we can offer you:

  • an all-inclusive billing system based on hourly rates; this way, we don’t confusingly add services and fees on your bill, but simply charge for a service on an hourly base and you will always know how much you will need to pay;
  • professional movers with years of experience; they have completed so many moves all around the GTA, they will always manage to professionally handle all aspects of your commercial or residential move in Toronto;
  • a move that is quicker and more efficient than you could possible imagine; we will release you of all the stress and worries a move brings;
  • moving supplies that include two wardrobe cardboard boxes that will help quickly transfer the hangers with clothes from closet to closet;
  • help dissembling and reassembling furniture and musical instruments for an easier and safer move.

Whatever else comes up regarding your move and we can contribute with, we will gladly help for no extra fee. Just let us know.
We bill the hour and quarter hour increments that pass from our crew’s departure from the LGM office till its return. That’s it, no extra charges.
We might just be the best movers you have ever hired. Call us now to get a free estimate and Let’s Get Moving!

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Decided to move to or out of Canada’s biggest and busiest city

Looking for friendly and professional movers in Toronto? We’ve got you. Let’s Get Moving strives to deliver not only the greatest value but also a service that makes a big difference in this life-changing event. We know how relocations can significantly impact your home or business. Your kids will probably have to find new friends and become used to another neighbourhood. If you’re relocating a business, employees also need time to adjust to the new premise. This may as well affect their productivity. With all these concerns in mind, you need to partner with experts. We will make the relocation process as seamless as possible.

What we offer at Let’s Get Moving

When you choose Let’s Get Moving movers, rest assured of a professional, friendly and coordinated move. All our crews and operators are trained on how to treat customers with respect. You will notice they consider every item you own as precious and handle it accordingly. We look at your belongings with the same value that you do. This is why we always handle your items with the utmost care, making sure each is carefully packed and loaded. All things are carefully stacked in the moving truck for safe transportation to your new location. We’re sure if there’s one thing you’ll remember us for it’s our attention to detail. If it’s your first time working with us, we welcome you to request referrals. This way you can have peace of mind after speaking to our happy clients. We look forward to making the relocation process hassle-free.

Our Moving Day Process

When you are moving to or out of Toronto, you can expect Let’s Get Moving to be professional and on time during every step of the moving process. Our movers always aim to arrive at your home on time, and once there will take the time to explain to you how the process is going to work.

Once you are clear on the day’s schedule, you can relax while our movers get to work loading the truck with all of your possessions. Too often, moving companies purposely take their time completing a job in order to extend their hours and charge more for their surfaces.

Our professionals at Let’s Get Moving promise to never waste your time and money by purposely slowing down a job. Getting the job done on time and in a timely manner is one of our most important goals. They promise to only take their time when they must, such as when moving extra-heavy furniture or handling fragile belongings.

Once we are done loading your belongings in the truck, it’s time to move! Our movers know very well the city of Toronto, meaning they will always be on time when picking your stuff up and dropping it off. After arriving, they will get to work unloading the truck. Handling your furniture and personal belongings is a breeze for our professional movers, so you can be confident they will always be in capable hands.

Our movers will always stick around to help you get everything where it belongs, and they will never leave everything on your front lawn and drive off.  This will make the task of setting up your new home a lot easier for you and your family. Our short-notice movers in Toronto are always happy to listen to your requests so that you can save yourself the hassle of rearranging things later on.

Once our Toronto movers are finished moving your stuff into their proper spots, they will be happy to stick around and answer any final questions you may have. Let’s Get Moving values customer satisfaction, so if you have any concerns or complaints our movers will always be happy to listen.

Toronto moving services

Trust the top movers in Toronto, Let’s Get Moving to make your moving day easy and stress-free. Call Let’s Get Moving today to set up an easy and hassle-free moving day for you and your family!

Local Relocation Experts

Relocations to or from Toronto can have their challenges. We live and work in Toronto, to begin with. And that’s part of the reason why many people trust us to handle each and every aspect of their relocation.

We’ve helped Toronto homes and businesses enjoy a comfortable experience relocating by offering our diverse services. From packing your items to loading, unloading, and unpacking them upon arrival, our agents will do it all.

Let’s Get Moving strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in every service delivered.

What you get

As one of the leading moving companies, we give you an unforgettable experience. You’ll be happy to recommend us to anyone you know. Let’s Get Moving guarantees:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Low prices
  • Skilled and qualified crews
  • Friendly and responsive staff
  • Best supplies and equipment to offer a safe relocation

We have grown to become Toronto’s favorite moving company due to the great service we offer every client. Our goal is and has always been to ensure every customer is satisfied with our relocation service.

We offer a number of services at reasonable prices including commercial and office relocations as well as packing services. With every service, we’ll always be ready to tailor it to suit your personal needs. What more can you ask for? Let’s Get Moving have all your needs covered.


When we say we are one of the best Toronto and Canada’s favourite movers, you might believe we are overrating our professional moving services. Luckily, you don’t have to believe us on that. We live in an era where hundreds of opinions are only a few clicks away from you at any time, in the form of customers reviews. Whatever platform you look us up on, whether it is Google, Yelp, Homestars, or Facebook, we guarantee you will find hundreds of positive reviews and nice words from customers we helped move in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years, word of mouth, shaped as referrals and reviews, really helped us boost our client base. We are very happy that customers discover us this way and the greater majority is happy with the choice. Visit any of the above-mentioned platforms to get an idea of how Let’s Get Moving works!

Or simply watch the videos below for a quick glance at our customers’ reviews!

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