Brownman Ali

Brownman Ali

I needed to move my 82 year old mother from her home of 44 years — a 3 bedroom condo — into a tiny 1-bedroom Seniors facility, with my mother attempting to bring EVERYTHING with her. It was an insane job, and Let’s Get Moving stunned me with their extraordinary above-and-beyond professionalism and service. From Katrina in the Sales department, to Amadou in Operations, to our 2 on-site movers Alex and Christian, I was knocked out by how every aspect of this move was handled with high attention to detail and absolute transparency. Extremely reasonable rates topped it all off.

On the day of the move, Alex and Christian, 2 Mexican powerhouses with easy smiles and arms of steel, were 2 of the most professional, patient, hard-working, conscientious, FAST, easy-to-work-with people I’ve ever dealt with. Because of the nature of the move, there was a floor plan and a very specific order for how things needed to get on and off the truck — and these guys took directions like a pro basketball team, eager to run plays and make suggestions based on their years of experience. These 2 in particular deserve to be acknowledged for a truly amazing job.

I want to also mention how impressed I was about how hard everyone on the team works to make sure costs are transparent. What they quoted me was EXACTLY what I paid, and from Sales to Operations to On-Site crew, at every stage costs were verified and acknowledge by me.

Professional, detail-oriented, efficient, effective, transparent, easy-to-work with, reasonably priced. What more could you ask for in a Moving Company?

Thanks to Let’s Get Moving for a fantastic Moving Experience — my mother insanely tried to pack a 1-bedroom apartment with pretty much the entire contents of her 3-bedroom apartment, and these valiant movers actually accomplished it. It was an impressive feat of moving wizardry, which they did with diligence and a smile. Thank you.

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