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Let us sum up our company’s policy: we offer professional moving services for an affordable, all-inclusive hourly rate. If you never moved with Let’s Get Moving before, let us tell you what to expect from your next move to The Selby.

An all-inclusive hourly rate means everything about your move is charged at once. Movers’ labour, the moving truck (no matter its size), the fuel for the moving truck, and all moving supplies we will use are covered by this rate. As a bonus, we include here two large wardrobe cardboard boxes that will help move your clothes easier from one place to another. Nothing is charged extra and you can bet there will be no hidden fees on your bill at the end of the move. We charge the time elapsed from our movers’ departure from office until their return and nothing else.

Whereas for the professionalism when it comes to handling the actual move, let us just tell you this: we respect your belongings as if they were ours. We know you value them, which is why we will pay maximum attention throughout the move, while handling everything. From the cover we lay on your floors before moving the furniture and boxes to the truck, all the way to carefully stacking everything inside the truck, we are extremely careful and delicate. Whatever you need help with after our movers have finished unloading the truck inside your new home, let us know! Maybe that couch must be moved somewhere else or maybe that cabinet must be reassembled. Let us know! We will not charge you extra for any of these.
On the weekdays from the 6th to the 24th of every month, we offer special discounts. Call now to make a booking and Let’s Get Moving to The Selby!


Let’s Get Moving is experienced in residential and commercial moves in The Selby and other places in the Greater Toronto Area. We managed some of the most complicated moves without trouble and we have hundreds of happy customers who keep booking their moves with us, once every couple of years. You don’t believe us? See for yourself! They left hundreds of high ratings and they recommended us on Yelp, Homestars, Google, and Facebook. Check out any of these websites and read what our customers have to say about our moving services!

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