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Frequently Asked Questions

The earlier, the better. Although actually assignment can’t be made not until few days before the move, it is wiser to give the moving company 4 – 6 week’s notice. If you give us enough lead time, our company will surely be able to meet the delivery schedule. Our moving company, for our standard service, requires alternate pick up as well as delivery dates. We will do our very best to meet the preferred and agreed upon dates. We will notify you of the time for loading your items and the estimated schedule of arrival.

Our Company’s flat rate, our one-time travel fee actually covers getting to the next destination, as well as getting back up to our establishment from the drop-off location. Our company is dedicated to offering upfront pricing, so you don’t get no surprise fees at all.

This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions of the clients, and it has no definite answer. The cost of the move depends upon different factors including distance, weight, length of time, as well as the manpower involved. Usually, a local move that is under thirty miles is based upon hourly rate, while a long distance move is based on weight. If you want to know the possible cost of your move, you should contact our company to request for a free estimate.

An estimate is an educated guess of the approximate cost of the move. Keep in mind that an estimate or household good survey is only a guideline.

If there’s a choice, our moving company suggests that you choose a time other than summer season, the end of the month, or end of year holidays. The heaviest and largest demands are usually placed on equipment, personnel, and vans during such periods.

However, for our company, we believe that you should move when it’s the most convenient for you. Factors involved with your decision include: a) whether your moving should be performed immediately b) moving children due to school term c) separation of family while your move’s under way.

This actually depends on different factors like weather condition, time of the year, size of the shipment, time needed to load things and unload, as well as the distance and direction the shipment’s travelling.

Tariff is the list of regulations, rules, available services as well as resulting charges that are used by the motor carriers providing interstate shipment of household items.

You will need to be at your property to let our movers inside your home. Upon the movers’ arrival, you’re free to leave and come back at the end of the day in order to secure your property as well as to complete the relevant paperwork with us.

Our company prepares for every move on case by case basis, movers and additional resources will be allocated based upon the volume of the move, kind of shipment, and if you’ve any additional requirements.

Yes, we do also offer unpacking services. We will unpack your belongings and help you place your things in the rooms of your choice.

When you book the move with our company, we will provide you your own move coordinator – one who will communicate with you, managing all the removal process in order to ensure that you’re fully informed every step of the process.

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Your new house must be cleaned before moving in, it’s easier that way.
Try moving on weekday. It’s less busy, and it may be even cheaper, and you can also reach out the contacts you need if there’s any problem.
Inform the movers about the boxes that contain fragile things even if you’ve labeled them clearly. Our company will take care of that in the most professional and smooth manner possible.

Before the movers arrive, see to it that all your containers and boxes are stacked properly and neatly inside the room, you should leave the movers enough room to move around and maneuver. This in turn speeds up the task.


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We are a fully professional moving company in Toronto and the Greater-Toronto-Area staffed with experienced and respectful movers. We include strong movers, moving truck, and insurance for all your belongings and property.

Our weekday discounted rate is $109 per hour and includes everything you need for a successful move! This discounted rate is valid for weekday moves from the 4th-26th of each month. That is a great rate for full service moving with 2 expert movers including any size moving truck. If an additional mover is needed, it is just an extra $50 per hour. The moving time starts when the movers leave the office and your job is complete when we arrive back to the office from your final location. Weekend moves and moves outside of those dates is $119 per hour. You never have to worry about exorbitant extra fees. We don’t charge extra for gas or stairs. We only charge by every 15-minute increments to be as fair as possible.

Our reservation system is very secure, no one can book over your move. Click the button below to book now!!!


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